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This Girl Knows It—originally founded in January 2017—was re-branded in November 2018 with one goal in mind: to travel as much as possible, share everything I learn, and do it all on a college budget. (Because we all know how small our wallets are.) On this blog you will find not only those travel tips, guides, and stories, but also my tricks for blogging and social media management and how you, too, can find your path in blogging.

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8 Tips for Great Disney Character Interactions

Last year, I was fortunate enough to spend 9 months living practically next door to Walt Disney World (through the Disney College Program) and visited the parks often while there. However, my first stops weren’t always the exciting rollercoasters or the amazing original attractions (although they ... READ the POST

7 Tips for Crushing Affiliate Marketing as a Blogger

Hi friends! Today’s post is a guest post from Amanda of The Happy Arkansan and Amanda Cross Co. She writes amazing posts on everything from college, lifestyle, freelancing, and blogging, and in this post she's written 7 Tips for Crushing Affiliate Marketing as a Blogger. I've personally been ... READ the POST