My Disney College Program Bucket List

Walt Disney World is one of those destinations where it seems like there’s never enough time to see and do it all… but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t try! In 2018, I was accepted to the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World resort in Florida, where I spent two semesters ( as I extended my program through Spring 2019) working at the most magical place on Earth and enjoyed plenty of free time in the parks. From the moment I received my acceptance letter email, I began creating a Disney College Program Bucket List detailing everything I wanted to do while on my program. After completing my program, I went through this list to note everything I did and didn’t get to do, as well as created a guide on how to create a bucket list for the Disney College Program!

Magic Kingdom Bucket List

Magic Kingdom is Walt Disney World’s original park and one of my favorites, so my Disney College Program bucket list for the Magic Kingdom had a TON of stuff on it. Going into the Disney College Program, I knew there would be some items I could only cross off due to luck (like seeing the Cinderella Castle Suite), while others would be easy to complete!

1. Visit the Cinderella Castle Suite

Visits to the Cinderella Castle Suite are rare, so unfortunately I didn’t get to see it during my Disney College Program. (Which I knew would most likely be the case, but it’s fun to dream!)

2. Try the Grey Stuff

When I went to Be Our Guest, I opted for the Triple Chocolate Cupcake over The Master’s Cupcake (which has the gray stuff), so I technically didn’t cross this one off my list, but I have no regrets.

3. Attend Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (and coordinate costumes with friends/roommates)

I attended Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party twice during my program! However, I didn’t get to go with my roommates though because of conflicting schedules.

4. Attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Another one I didn’t get to do, but this one was by choice. I’ve been to the Christmas Party in the past and the Halloween Party was by far my favorite. So I chose to go to the Halloween Party twice instead of going to each party once.

5. Complete Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

I accomplished this item on the last day of my Disney College Program! What I didn’t realize, however, is that there are different levels of difficulty (easy, medium, and hard). Since I didn’t realize this, I only completed the Easy level.

6. Complete “A Pirates’s Adventure”

Another one I didn’t get around to doing. I saw plenty of people playing the game (an interactive scavenger hunt around Adventureland), but I was always either on my way to ride or playing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.

7. See the Rainy Day Parade

The Rainy Day Parade is supposed to be the parade they do if it’s raining too much for the usual parade (Festival of Fantasy), but I unfortunately never saw it while on my Disney College Program

8. Photos at The Purple Wall, The Cast Member Door, and the Teacups

I did several photoshoots with The Purple Wall and the Cast Member Door, but I never got around to doing a teacup photo. It’s definitely on the bucket list for my next Disney trip!

9. Pull the Sword Out of the Stone

I tried pulling the sword out of the stone several times but never got it pulled out.

10. Make a Wish in Cinderella’s Wishing Well

To be honest, I completely forgot about this being on my bucket list until I came back to update it with everything I did and did not do…and this one was a did not do. I rarely ever took the path with Cinderella’s Wishing Well (and I think the path was under construction for awhile during my program) so I completely forgot about it.

11. See the Kiss Goodnight Show

Completed! I saw it at the beginning of my program and absolutely loved it.

12. Try a Dole Whip

I was very hesitant about putting this one on my bucket list (since I don’t like pineapple), but I tried it and actually liked it!

13. See the New Fireworks Show (Happily Ever After)

Although I absolutely loved Wishes, Happily Ever After is amazing too. The projections on Cinderella Castle are AMAZING.

14. Earn a Perfect Score on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

This was one of my major items on my Disney College Program Bucket List and on the last week of my program (which was 9 months long) I finally accomplished it! Afterwards, I got a special sticker to mark my perfect score and met Buzz Lightyear to celebrate my accomplishment. (He was so excited!)

EPCOT Bucket List

EPCOT quickly became my favorite park during my Disney College Program, not only because it was my “home” park, but because of how much there is to see and do there. From the rides to exploring the countries of World Showcase, EPCOT was by far one of my favorite parks to visit.

1. Try Food from Each Country in EPCOT

This was a hard one to do, especially during the Food & Wine Festival when there are more booths set up to represent even more countries. So although I didn’t technically get to all of them, I did get quite a few in!

2. Visit Club Cool

Club Cool is a place in EPCOT where guests can try sodas from around the world for FREE. My favorite was the Fanta Melon Frosty. I also tried the Beverly (easily the worst one there) just to say that I tried it.

3. Take a Photo with the Bubblegum Wall

Just to clarify, the Bubblegum Wall not a wall that has a bunch of bubblegum on it; it’s a wall that’s painted bubblegum pink. I actually got a ton of photos with this wall, especially since it was at the exit of my favorite ride in EPCOT: Spaceship Earth!

Hollywood Studios Bucket List

1. Eat at the Prime Time Café

I’ve wanted to eat at Prime Time Café for years, so this is one of the first things I crossed off my bucket list.

2. Character Palooza!

I never found any Character Palooza events in Hollywood Studios, but I did find several in EPCOT! So I still *technically* accomplished this bucket list item, just not at the park I thought it would be at.

Animal Kingdom Bucket List

1. Become a Wilderness Explorer

UP is by far one of my favorite Pixar movies, so becoming a Wilderness Explorer was a must-do during my program. Although I did get the booklet and sworn in as a Wilderness Explorer, I never finished all the activities around the park.

Disney Resorts Bucket List

1. Try the Secret Menu at All Star Movies

Trying the secret menu at All Star Movies was another one I didn’t get to do. (But all the more reason for me to go back.)

2. Visit Every Resort

I didn’t get to resort hop as much as I hoped I would during my program, but I did visit quite a few!

These are the ones I did visit:

  • The Grand Floridian
  • Polynesian
  • Wilderness Lodge
  • Contemporary
  • Port Orleans French Quarter
  • All Star Music
  • All Star Sports
  • Coronado Springs

3. Spend a Night at a Disney Resort

I actually stayed at 3 resorts during my program! I stayed at All Star Sports, All Star Music, and Coronado Springs (twice!).

4. Go to the Fort Wilderness Campfire

I never did go to a Fort Wilderness Campfire… but my Disney College Program Welcome Event was camping themed!

1. Take a DCP Class

I took 2 classes while on the College Program: Hospitality & Guest Service and Event Operations.

2. Attend a Disney College Program-Hosted Event

I attended quite a few of these during my college program, including a welcome event, grocery bingo, some networking events, a Fall festival, etc.

3. Attend (or Win) Grocery Bingo

Grocery Bingo is one of the events that the College Program staff holds for the students. Essentially, if you win a game of bingo, you win a bag of groceries! I attended twice, but unfortunately never won.

4. Make Magical Moments

Making magical moments was one of my favorite parts of being a cast member; in my role as a Park Greeter, I had the opportunity to create so many!

5. Exchange Roommate Gifts

Roommate Gifts is a tradition in the College Program where the CPs living in the apartment will exchange gifts during the first week. We all made so many wonderful gifts, including Mickey ears, water bottles, memory books, and so much more.

Other Items on my Disney College Program Bucket List

1. Visit All 4 Parks in 1 Day

I was so close to completing this one, but was absolutely exhausted after the 3rd park.

2. Go to Rope Drop at All 4 Parks

Before my Disney College Program, I had never gone to rope drop at any of the parks, but this was something I did several times while on my program! Magic Kingdom was the park I rope dropped most often because I could ride so many rides in the first hour with little-to-no wait.

3. Meet the Disney Villains

The villains are considered rare characters at the parks and the only one who meets regularly is Gaston. In addition to meeting Gaston, I met the Queen of Hearts, Oogie Boogie, and Cruella de Vil.

4. Disney-Bound at Least Once

Since adults can’t wear costumes to the parks (except during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party), Disney-Bounding is a common alternative. Instead of dressing up exactly like the character, adults can wear character-inspired clothing. I Disney-Bounded a few times, such as one of the teacups from Alice in Wonderland.

5. Explore Florida

I got to visit several places outside of the “Disney Bubble” thanks to my friend Sam! We visited several places around Florida, including St. Augustine and Wekiva Springs. She also wrote a guest post for me on how to explore Orlando like a local and you can also check out her post on day trips from Disney!

6. Do a Photoshoot with Friends in the Parks

Some of my favorite memories are from doing photoshoots around the park. In fact, I wrote several posts on some of the best photo spots in the Disney parks! They are:

7. Find Hidden Mickeys

I saw a few Hidden Mickey’s around the parks, but my favorite is by far the one in the Renaissance scene on Spaceship Earth.

8. Attend Dapper Day

I attended both the Fall 2018 Dapper Day and the Spring 2019 Dapper Day!

9. Visit Universal

I wanted to visit Universal while on my College Program (100% just for Harry Potter) but never got around to it.

10. Get Pixie Dusted

Another one I didn’t do while on my Disney College Program, but something for me to do in the future!

11. Visit the Water Parks

I’ve had never been to the Disney water parks before and never went to them during my program either. (*facepalm*) In my defense, I’m not a big water park person, so if you gave me the option of going to one of the theme parks or one of the water parks, I’d take the theme parks every time.

12. Go on a Backstage Tour

I went on several backstage tours and absolutely loved them!

Final Thoughts on My Disney College Program Bucket List

This was my entire Disney College Program Bucket List and I’m so proud of how much I accomplished! Each day was an adventure and it has become one of the best experiences of my life. If you’re interested in doing the Disney College Program in the future, be sure to check out my posts on How to Create the Ultimate Disney College Program Bucket List and 10 Fun Ways to Document Your Disney College Program.

Have you done the Disney College Program or are you about to? I would love to hear what’s on your Disney College Program bucket list!

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